Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7: Bye Bye Broom!

I would guess that this is about the time of the year that people are starting to take down all of their (mostly) beautiful holiday decorations. Everything from lights on every single square foot of your house to those obnoxious blow-up snow globes that take up all of your yard and half of your neighbors yard. This year, my Dad and I decided that we were going to skip the decorations and just pretend like it was still the middle of June. However, I HAD to have SOMETHING that reminded me of the season. Therefore, I bought myself my very favorite holiday staple: THE CINNAMON BROOM! Today, I had to get rid of my beloved broom, the only thing that came even close to holiday decorations. I want to thank said broom for being so great to me for the last month and providing me with a room that smelled like a pack of 'Big Red'. You will be missed, Broom.


  1. Even Shelby bought a "cinnamon broom" for the same reason!

  2. Really?! He likes the 'Big Red' smell, too? Or he needed to tap into his Holiday Spirit?!