Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20: I Baked? I BAKED!

If you knew my baking track record, you would understand why I emphasized my excitement about the fact that I SUCCESSFULLY baked something today. It was not only edible, but delicious (And I'm not just talking about my opinion. I have other credible sources, I swear.) For whatever reason, I thought I would take the reigns and pull some baking experience out of my you-know-where. When I saw the recipe for "Bite Sized Apple Pies", my first thought was, "These have to be somewhat healthy! They have apples in them." Well, as I was brushing melted butter on crescent rolls, then sprinkling them with brown sugar and cinnamon sugar, before even adding the apple, I thought that these probably weren't the healthiest things I've ever discovered. Matter of fact, I don't even think they touch anywhere near the bottom of the 'healthy' list. Once I started assembling these, I couldn't stop. I disregarded all of the suggested amounts of every ingredient and just went with it. Again, they turned out amazing and I was a bit (a lot) proud of the job I did, hence why I HAD to document it.

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