Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 26: Paid Advertising

When I discover something new, or have a liking for something, I don't just like it. Most of the time, I become obsessed with it. Just like the first time we all tried Starbucks. You don't just like it, but you want a personal barista at your house to home brew you coffee that is ready when you wake up. Okay, maybe that's just me? Anyways, when it comes to "likes", Coca Cola tops my list. I have a legitimate obsession with Coke Zero (insert fancy trademark logo here). I love it in a can, in a bottle, in a cup, from the fountain (Oh my gosh, I just envisioned a large Coke Zero fountain...), etc. You get the point. This brings to me to the reason that I bought this shirt in the first place. Although I bought this over a year ago, I still wear it with the same excitement as if it JUST came off of the shelf at Target (another unhealthy addiction of mine). So today is dedicated to just one of my many addictions, the type in the liquid form. I may have to frequent these types of posts, because I surely have enough obsessions to take up a good months worth of posts. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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