Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 19: Wine Tasting

Another fun filled day in Cincinnati! After having lunch with my madre, we decided to prank one of my madre's best friends from high school. Being that they are huge Ohio State fans (I can't believe I just mentioned that University in my writing...), we HAD to add come spice to their lawn decor. Of course, we did that with orange and blue...lots of orange and blue. Following this quick stop, we headed over to another one of her friends houses to meet up with a bunch of her best friends. Of course, we had to make it a wine-infused gathering. After tasting 4 different kinds of wines, we were supposed to guess which country we thought they were from. Nope, I didn't get one single answer correct. But, I did get 4 different glasses of wine. Okay, maybe a few more than 4, but that's besides the point. Again, I've realized that I probably post a lot about alcoholic beverages, but I'll continue to use the "I'm on vacation" excuse.

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