Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 43: Quality Car Time

Today was my last day of unemployment! Therefore, I had to care to the tender needs of my beloved Bradley (yes, I named my car. All the cool kids do it.)

I figured if I didn't get all of these necessaries taken care of now, I would never do them. Plus, I'm realllllly good at spending money that I don't have. It's actually one of my best qualities.

Although this only took up a portion of my day, it sure was the highlight. However, I quickly realized that I'm still terrified of car washes. But, my views about mechanics were put to rest when I actually dealt with some gentlemen that were actually listening to what I asked for, without trying to sell me services that we both know didn't need to be done at the time. Just because I'm a lady does not mean that I don't know anything about the car business...(I mean, I know enough to talk to them like I know what I'm talking about.)


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  2. I think it's great that you named your car! Mine is Carl...

    1. Lauren-

      Yes! All the cool people name their cars :) I love, love, love the name Carl for a car! So adorable.