Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 35: Just Be Yourself

My morning started off with the best advice you can ever hear, and it came from my wonderful Mother: “Just be yourself!”

Without going into TOO many details, because I don’t want to get excited just yet, I will tell you that I had a job interview today! When I find out the ‘results’, you know I will for sure spread the word! Until then, I will tell you that it went really well, I was in a super great mood for 10:00AM and the view from the interview spot was spectacular, sunny and bright. I’m praying that those same words can be used to describe my mood in a few days when I get the call!

Until further notice, I’ll leave you with these pictures from my day! I was super excited about this adorable, sheer peachy-colored shirt that I got for my interview, which turned into a casual shirt with shorts for my post-interview coffee and Skype date with a great friend!