Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40: A Country Visit

As much as I complain about the town where I grew up, I have to admit that it does have its perks. Okay, our house and our property have perks. The town itself is still questionable.

I always love walking out on our dock because it NEVER fails to be a picture perfect opportunity. Today proved that, for sure. With it being a perfect 75 degrees outside, I couldn't help but sit out there for a few minutes and just soak it in. Being that I live with my Dad now, in a neighborhood, I have truly realized how much I love living on a huge piece of property out in the middle of nowhere. Let me tell you, I'm NOT cut out for neighborhood living. Nope, can't do it. The lack of respect that people have for others really shines light when you live in a neighborhood. I don't want to hear what song you're playing in your car, especially at 3AM when I'm STILL attempting to fall asleep. If I want to hear it, I'll ask. I'm not shy.

This lake front property is where I could see myself forever. Obviously not this EXACT one because I can't live with Mom forever...or can I? Haha! I'm still trying to get by with the whole "Broke College Student" status. Even though I graduated college...over a year ago.


  1. do it, move home. lets quit our jobs and blog for a living. ill take your moms spare room.

    1. Done and done. I'd do it in a heartbeat. We're dreaming big and you know what the say about dreams....wait, what do they say?

  2. Very relaxing view, kinda remind me of simple life, away from the noises of the city.
    I am new follower of your lovely blog. It's fun to connect with fellow bloggers!
    I write a humble bog and hoping you can visit me there as well and follow back :)))

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


    1. Yes! It's such a great escape from city life. Thank you so much for the follow and the sweet words. Can't wait to read your blog as well!