Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 37: Simple Sunset

Throughout this whole project, I always wake up every day and ask myself "What the heck am I going to take a picture of today? What if I don't do anything worth documenting? How is that going to help me to remember this day, a year from now?" But, when I walked out of my house today, I quickly realized that nature is the best backdrop for anything worth looking at. I know we can get creative and take pictures of something we did, something we bought or a cool object at a place that we visited. But, we forget that the location and the landscape itself often provide us with the most beautiful pictures.

Now, I know that I can't take a nature picture every single day, because goodness knows that I for sure won't remember it a year from now. But, for today, I couldn't help but capture this scene that I saw, and I will forever remember the 'light bulb' moment I had as I was taking this: although we all see the same sun every day, we see a different sunset. The scene that is painted for us is interpreted differently in each persons eyes. Just that thought it worth capturing, but I am so glad that I have an image to couple with it.

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